New Year, New Rule: What to Expect...

January 2024

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Secure your virtual seat now for the upcoming webinar, "New Year, New Rule: What to Expect," to position yourself at the forefront of the upcoming changes to sustainable stormwater management and compliance in Florida.

Date: Tue, Jan 30

Time: 11 A.M. - 12 P.M.

By joining our webinar series, you will gain valuable knowledge, connect with industry experts, and progress in your professional career. Registered Florida P.E.s earn 1 PDH credit for attending the live webinar.

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We’re Excited to Announce NST’s Participation at the Upcoming University of Florida Water Institute Symposium


The Symposium will bring together individuals from various disciplines and organizations to explore water issues from multiple perspectives, and we're proud to have Mark Thomasson, P.E. and Jeff Littlejohn, P.E. represent NST on the panel: Continuously Monitored and Adaptive Control “Smart” Ponds For Multiple Water Resource Benefits In Florida. Learn from Mark about Innovative Smart Ponds: How Do They Work? and from Jeff with insights on Smart Pond Technology for Improved Water Resource Benefits.

Stay tuned for future updates as NST engages in thought-provoking discussions, workshops, and networking events. We're eager to see the innovative ideas and collaborations emerging from the gatherings of water industry professionals.



2023 Smart Pond Performance Report

Case Study: SR-676 Hillsborough County

Real-time water level and rain sensor data enable NST engineers to monitor a Smart Pond’s actual performance compared to predicted performance. This analysis is performed and submitted in an annual report to the Water Management District each year to confirm that each operational Smart Pond achieves the permit-required performance. 


Our Team is Growing!

We’re excited to announce the addition of Justin Blackman to our team as a Data Scientist. Justin received his Bachelor of Science degree in petroleum engineering from the Colorado School of Mines. His background in the earth sciences, data analytics, and project management will help us build new insights and continuously improve our stormwater management processes.   

If you missed our last webinar, “Smart Ponds 101,” we are pleased to share the recording. Learn how Smart Pond technology improves water quality and provides flood protection.

Engineering Tip: Follow the New Rule!

Stay informed on the status of Florida's new stormwater rule and future development standards with tips and insights from Mark Thomasson, P.E.! 


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