The New Stormwater Rule is Effective Now!

July 2024

On Friday, Governor DeSantis signed SB 7040, which modified and ratified the new stormwater rules adopted by the Florida Department of Environmental Protection in 2023. His approval of the bill was expected, since it represented the culmination of one of the Governor’s top priorities when first taking office in 2020 and was a key component of the Governor’s signature environmental legislation: The Florida Clean Waterways Act. The new stormwater rule becomes effective immediately, but a number of grandfathering provisions and an 18-month delay of the nutrient reduction provisions will prevent changes from impacting most projects currently in development or permitting. For a comprehensive review of the new rule, please watch our recent webinar hosted by FSA Board Member, FDEP Stormwater TAC Member, and NST’s Chief Stormwater Engineer, Mark Thomasson, P.E.

Complimentary Webinar: July 18 at 11 A.M.

Position yourself at the forefront of the upcoming changes to stormwater regulations and the newest tool to meet the increasingly stringent water quality requirements in much of Florida. Learn all about the Regional Stormwater Management System and water quality trading under the new stormwater rule with tips and insights from Mark Thomasson, P.E.! Streaming live from Environmental Permitting Summer School…

Florida P.E.s can earn 1 PDH credit for attending the live webinar.

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Engineering Tip of the Month

The stormwater ratification bill (SB 7040) was signed by Governor DeSantis on June 28th. With this final step, the long-anticipated and much-discussed new rule became effective. Many of you are already aware that the new treatment performance criteria will not become effective for another 18 months (December 28, 2025). But did you know that the ratification bill introduced new grandfathering provisions to the rule? And did you know there are some new rule provisions that became effective immediately? According to FDEP, the notable provisions that are now effective include:

• All rule provisions are applicable to new Conceptual Permit applications (although construction phase permits issued during the first 18 months can be grandfathered under current performance criteria)

• Rule revisions for dam systems

• Operation and Maintenance plans, cost estimates, and cost estimate forms

• Implementation of new inspection requirements and inspection checklist (with some newly added exceptions)

We encourage you to read the new rule (or read it again!) and become familiar with the new requirements.

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We are Growing!

Welcome to our Newest Interns

We are delighted to welcome Natalia Bertowski, who joined NST in May as our new Sales Intern. A recent graduate of Florida State University, Natalia brings enthusiasm and a natural ability to build connections, already making a positive impact in our sales efforts.

We would like to introduce Adrianna Matura who joined NST as an Engineering Intern in May. Adrianna is entering her senior year at Florida State University. With a strong passion for innovation and problem-solving, she is already proving to be indispensable to our projects.

NST is on the lookout for high-achieving interns, offering them exceptional professional development and growth opportunities.

Stay tuned for future updates as NST engages in thought-provoking discussions, workshops, and networking events. We are eager to see the innovative ideas and collaborations emerging from the gatherings of water industry and engineering professionals.


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